Mairead Cornille

Sales Associate to Tim O'Sullivan

I am a born and bred farm girl from the Mighty Waikato. For 8 years I had been a hospitality ‘extraordinaire’, you name the job and the place in NZ – I have done it and worked there.  With a huge love for customer service and a social Iife it was time to give up the months of skiing, followed by the months on the beach where I fell on my feet with Ray White as an administrator ‘extraordinaire’ and have not looked back.

I love a challenge and love to improve systems to make for a more enjoyable working life for everyone. If anyone needs something done, I can do it – If I can’t do it I will find out how to do it or who can.

I love the outdoors and to be busy so if you need me I will either be in the Red Woods, on the Lake, at Mt Ruapehu or in the office.