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John Piercy

Licensee Salesperson

Born and bred to the sound of ships horns as they navigated the Mersey River in a true Liverpool “Pea Souper” fog, I immigrated to New Zealand in the late 1950’s.

I spent my early adult life working in the banking industry in the Auckland region. In the early 1980’s I embarked on my “Kiwi OE” which started with a six month trip on a Double Decker bus visiting most of Asia, Middle East and parts of Europe. I spent three years enjoying London life and working at such famous places as Buckingham Palace, Royal Albert Hall, Wimbledon Tennis Championships, just to name a few.

Upon my return to New Zealand in 1985 I continued my career in the banking industry working as a mortgage officer. In 1995 I decided to actually sell houses rather than approve mortgages for clients to purchase them, and from that date I have not looked back. I have achieved several awards over the past fifteen years and I believe that this has been solely the result of putting clients needs first and foremost, showing respect and retain a high level of professionalism and integrity. Much of my business in later years has come by word of mouth from satisfied customers.

One of my most important lessons learnt in fifteen years of selling is that clients should auction their properties rather than pricing their properties. By auctioning a property the owner has full control over the selling process, thus forcing the dollar interest level upwards. By pricing a property an owner can be exposed to less than satisfactory offers well below the advertised asking price, thus frustrating the selling process.

Whether it be selling Rotorua residential, lifestyle, lakes or even prime Pukehina beachfront properties, do give me a ring to arrange a friendly chat. Use my experience and knowledge to your advantage.

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