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Indi Maxwell

Salesperson - Reporoa

Having made a career as a Creative Director in Radio and spending 2 years in London it was a family member who said to Indi, "You'd be great in Real Estate!" And her response was, "Well, I do love build, design and landscape!"

But most importantly, her father in-law was thinking more about how well she speaks with and cares for others, and that is what their community of Reporoa was missing. 

Indi had not once considered herself as a 'salesperson' however on return from overseas decided to take the advice and quickly emerged herself into Reporoa real estate. It was the responsibilities and consideration for marketing some of her client’s biggest assets that led to her success in managing, at times, up to 90% of Reporoas real estate exchanges. 

She is a marketer, a competition creator, a kind and caring salesperson whose prerogative is to source as many bidders or buyers as possible with impactful digital advertising and her relationships with those seeking a new home. Indi wants the absolute best price for your property and the written offers to prove it.

Indi has now spent 10 years living in Reporoa and owns property herself with her husband and 2 children. This time around Indi wants to contribute to her community that has served her so well. With every successful sale by Indi, she will contribute $100 to the Central Kids Kindergarten in Reporoa and $100 to her vendors choice of community organisation in Reporoa. 


  • 2018/2019 - Executive
  • 2017/2018 - Executive
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