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Indi Maxwell

Licensee Salesperson

She's not just a woman in sales... She's a Listener, a Strategist, a Match-Maker and just so happens to have a flair for Interior Design and Fashion. 

Indi listens and will come up with a strategy and inform the world of your property accordingly. She believes "When you care for both the Vendor and Purchaser magic happens." It's the attention given to purchasers that bring in the offers and what Indi wants to do is create competition in the market to ensure her vendors are receiving the best possible price. 

Originally starting out some 12 years ago as a radio promoter who transitioned into creative writing Indi wrote commercials for all your favourite brands. Relating to her target market was her specialty, she discovered who they were and spoke their lingo. She says, "In realestate its no different. Here we cater for the Vendor looking to sell and the Purchaser looking to buy. It's about listening and match-making. When you can match-make you'll get the best sale price."

Fast forward and Indi's now successfully selling realestate for her community in Reporoa and Rotorua, and it's all thanks to the suggestion from her father in-law. Richard says, "Indi's a genuine person who cares and just wants to do her job well, she's passionate and professional".  

And its safe to say after our last Home Show where we had people searching for Indi to ask her about properties in Reporoa that she is definitely your gal! "I couldn't believe people were wanting to find me to talk about purchasing in Reporoa. I'm so proud and I want Reporoa to know I've got their back!" 

To find out more and to have your property taken care of by Indi please call her on 027 2600 285.


  • 2018/2019 - Executive
  • 2017/2018 - Executive
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