Mike Baird

Licensee Salesperson

Mike has been a part of Rotorua for well over 20 years. In his previous role as a multi award winning breakfast radio announcer Mike has assisted the community in many ways including fundraising hundreds of thousands of dollars for schools, community groups and organisations and he also organised and ran his very own BAIRDS BUS school holiday programme for thousands of children.

Mike also assisted in raising funds to set up the much needed Rotorua Dialysis Unit to save local patients from the travelling to and from Hamilton.

He has been at the end of a microphone at numerous events and always had on his school reports....”talks too much”. Mike left radio after just on 30 years and is proud to see and listen to his son Max as he starts his own radio career in Rotorua.

Mike doesn’t talk much these days, he prefers to listen, and loves to listen to what buyers and sellers are wanting in what is a very exciting real estate market in Rotorua.

If you are or if you know someone who is looking at buying or selling property, or even if you just want to know where your property sits in today's market, Mike would love to hear from you.